“Most Companies Don’t Get Murdered, They Commit Suicide”

Esther Dyson 400x300

NEW YORK — Twitter is not “executing,” says Esther Dyson, one of Silicon Alley’s most respected brains. 

On stage at SAI’s Startup 2011 event, Dyson tackled the big companies in tech, offering a pithy assessment of each. Facebook, she says, will be bigger than Google because it’s in the “people” business. Google is not. 

Twitter is failing to develop its platform, which could have long term implications. Dyson reminded the crowd, “Most companies don’t get murdered, they commit suicide.” She added, Twitter “has great potential, and maybe they’ll pull it off.”

After she spoke on stage, we pulled her aside and asked her to explain why Facebook is going to be huge. Below is the audio of our conversation:

Esther Dyson is a long-time catalyst of start-ups in information technology in the US and other markets, including Russia. Since selling her company, EDventure Holdings, to CNET Networks in 2004, Dyson has explored (and invested) in private aviation and space and continued to invest in internet and health care startups.