In North Korea, No One Knows Michael Jackson Is Dead And The Burgers Are Terrible

North Korea

Photo: flikr/Joseph A Ferris III

British tabloid The Sun — one of the UK’s best selling and most ridiculous papers — has done some somewhat surprising undercover work in the closed society of North Korea.Alex Peake and Simon Jones posed as business men to get access to the country, apparently hoping to get a different perspective to the country than the one offered to press.

While much of the article focuses on the poverty and repression on show, it also has a uniquely Sun-style spin on it.

For example, they visit “Youth Restaurant”, a burger restaurant in Hollande:

Officials say the burgers were modelled exactly on Big Macs. But God only knows what the meat is, there was no way it was beef.

Worse still, no one knows Michael Jackson is no longer with us:

All three of the guides knew The Beatles and liked the music. Amazingly though, none had heard of John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney or George Harrison.

The only other western star they had heard of was Michael Jackson — but were shocked to discover that he was dead.

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