Kansas City Car Dealer Offers An AK-47 With Each New Truck Purchase

Max Motors, a Missouri car dealer, is offering a voucher for a free AK-47 for every pick-up truck bought in August.

Auto sales have been absolutely clobbered–down 28% year over year–so the government, dealers, and auto makers are coming up with all sorts of inventive ways to attract business.

Mark Muller, owner of Max Motors, said the program builds on an earlier offer where customers had a choice between a $250 gas voucher or a gun voucher of the same value. An AK-47 can cost twice as much. Muller calls the initial deal an overwhelming success. He also says it generates a lot of publicity and really angers “liberals.”

Worry not “liberals,” Muller cannot just send a driver off the lot with an AK-47 in the passenger seat. State law requires potential gunowners to obtain a licence before carrying a concealed weapon on their person, though a licence may not be necessary for a gun kept in the glove compartment.  Firearm purchasers must pass a federal background check. As an aside, requests for permits are already way up in the Kansas City area, according to The Kansas City Star. So, some customers can drive straight from Max Motors to the local gun dealer.

Max Motors also offers more family-friendly promotions. Last Saturday, four used cars were sold for $5 each.  The cars–including an 2001 Mustang and a 1998 Jeep Cherokee–went fast, and brought hundreds of customers to the lot. Max Motors sells several brands including Chevrolet, Ford and Pontiac.

This deal beats the snot out of wimpier offers on the market. The government’s cash for clunkers? Please, what can be shot with a new car? Suzuki’s offer of free gas for the summer? With an AK-47, we think we can get free gas somehow. Hyundai’s offer to refund a car purchase if you lose your job? OK, that one is tough to beat, unemployment in Missouri is 9%. Maybe the AK-47 deal is better for those with secured employment.

Face it, there’s nothing better than breathing in the new car smell, mixed with the smokey scent of an AK-47 after it’s fired off a full magazine of bullets.

If you’ve heard of a stranger or better offer from a dealer, we want to hear about it! Email us: [email protected]

image: Flickr/Conchi

Disclaimer: Obviously, the Business Insider encourages safe use of any AK-47s. Be careful with those guns!

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