Welcome To The One Town Where Nobody's Complaining About Bonuses

Greenwich Bonus

Bank bonuses are the stuff of derision across Main St. USA, but in Greenwich they are a sign things are returning to normal.

The cozy Connecticut confine for the financial elite has found its feet again, and they’re pushing down on the pedals of $300,000 sports cars.

McClatchy describes a scene at a local Ferrari dealership, where men are once seen again ogling over the expensive automobiles returning to the streets of Greenwich.

“People here are happier, and they want to surround themselves with beautiful things,” said Michelle Brunwasser to McClatchy, referencing an $85,000 piece of art.

While some are still clinging to austerity items like flank steak over fillet, and are making spending decisions to show it.

Ron Arbusman described a client who usually buys a Rolls Royce every couple of years, settling instead for a Mercedes S550, at a more demure $91,600. “He did not want to be flashy,” said Arbusman to McClatchy.

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