In defence Of Note Taking On Twitter

Seth Godin wrote a post on The Domino Project about tweeting in class. He references my talk at HBS where the professor asked his students two tweet out their class notes. Seth says:

I confess to being fascinated, mystified and horrified by people who tweet notes in real time. I mean, here is one of the giants of his industry, and the best the students can do with their attention is tweet short sentences, out of context, to an unknown audience of busy people who are reading hundreds of other out of context abbreviated notes at the same time? Waste a wasted opportunity.

I understand Seth’s horror. But I don’t share it. I believe note taking is an important way to remember the important points made in class. The act of writing something down makes it easier to recall. And if you share those notes out on a twitter feed, then you are saving them publicly, like bookmarks in delicious, with others who might want to consume them.

You might have a separate twitter feed for class notes. That way you don’t spam all your followers with dozens of notes that might not make sense to them. You could have a twitter feed for every class you are in so the class notes don’t get comingled. This has the added benefit of different URLs for each set of class notes.

Twitter is many different things rolled into one. There are so many different useful things you can do with it. I think public class notes is a particularly interesting one.


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