Here's How A Couple Of Aussies Convinced Julian Assange To Wear A Fake Mullet

Picture courtesy JuiceRapNews

Yesterday, a funny thing happened on the way to Australians electing a new leader.

The world’s most secretive man, Julian Assange, donned a blond mullet wig and lip-synced a parody of John Farnham’s hit You’re the Voice.

It was for a surprise YouTube election ambush called A Game Of Polls, posted by Melbourne duo JuiceRapNews.

Here it is again, in case you missed it. WARNING: It’s sweary, the content may offend and it’s not a reflection of Business Insider’s views:

And yes, it really is Julian Assange.

Here’s how JuiceRapNews pulled it off:

We have a fairly long-standing relationship with Julian Assange, having been lucky enough to feature a brief cameo with him for Episode 5, back in 2010. So when Rap News co-creator and co-writer Giordano Nanni happened to be in the UK in July, he decided to pop in to the Ecuadorian Embassy to say G’day to our old friend.

At the same time, we were planning to produce our 20th Episode – our season finale – and we wanted to make it a really special event. We realised that doing another rap cameo with Julian would be something that our audience had seen before, so we searched for some ways to make it bigger, better and more mind-blowing.

Seeing the opportunity during his visit to the Embassy, Giordano presented Julian with a bunch of mullett wigs from his backpack. ‘How would you feel about featuring in a new cameo in which you’d be getting in touch with your inner Aussie in the upcoming election campaign?’ Julian donned the mullet and liked the idea; he was happy for us to write the episode and come back a week later to film it.

Giordano Nanni and Hugo Farrant (in Melbourne) wrote the episode via Skype over the course of the ensuing week: We eventually settled not just on the idea of giving Assange a makeover, but of getting him to parody himself in a cover of John Farnham’s Australian anthem, “You’re the Voice”.

Giordano returned to the Embassy the following week with the script and a skeleton film crew to shoot the scenes. We only had one shot to get it right. We were impressed – and quite surprised – that Julian agreed to the farnham idea. We figure that, like us, he could see the humour and power in such a skit. The man is deadly serious about his mission, but also has a beautiful sense of humour to go with it.

Thanks to the Ecuadorian people, Julian has a room in the Embassy temporarily set aside for his media appearances, complete with green screen and lights – which came in very handy. We were assisted by friends and the WikiLeaks team in filming the scenes inside and outside the Embassy. The entire shoot took half a day and most of the night.

The results speak for themselves. Julian … was a very good sport, and seemed to really enjoy having a bit of fun with the acting, rapping, singing and costuming. It was likely a welcome break from his usual routine in the embassy.

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