In Case You Needed More Proof RIM Is Spinning Out Of Control

rim super heroes

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This is a real thing.Remember when RIM said its strategy is to focus on marketing its decaying line of BlackBerry devices for most of 2012 while we sit and wait for those shiny new phones it keeps promising us?

This is what RIM came up with:

Four noseless super heroes based on some junk BlackBerry owners tweeted about a month ago.

Each hero stands for some vague “bold” concept, but we honestly don’t have the energy or patience to type it all out here.

It’s like they’re not even trying anymore.

You can read the details here if you want.

UPDATE: RIM updated its blog post saying this is not part of an ad or marketing campaign. It’s “just intended to be a bit of fun.”

[h/t to Pocket Lint for finding this]

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