In A Win For Straight-Talking People, Torah Bright Will Flaunt An Olympic Ban On Tweeting

Picture: Getty Images

One of Australia’s only hopes of a Winter Olympics gold medal says she won’t comply with a ban on athletes’ use of social media.

The Australian Olympic Committee guidelines state that social media use “can detract from optimal performance and impact on others”.

“The use of personal phones, tablets or other such devices in training or competition venues during the pre-competition and competition periods is not permitted unless approved by the team’s performance director.”

That’s an obvious reaction to the perceived failure of Australia’s Summer Olympians, who were rounded upon by their own press for excessive tweeting and Facebooking instead of winning.

Bright told The Australian the Winter Olympics crackdown was “trivial”, and somewhat imperiously stated that she “cares not” for the policies of an organisation “that comes into my sport once every four years”.

“Freedom of choice and speech are humanity’s greatest gifts. I am the master of my social media. I am captain of my voice.”

Bright – a 27-year-old Mormon – is obviously more comfortable expressing her opinion on Twitter.

Over the weekend, she hashtagged the ban as “bullshit.”

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