In 2014 The AFP Was Involved In 100 'Potential Death Penalty Situations'

Photo: China Photos/ Getty.

Twelve Australians could end up on death row it has emerged, following an investigation into the Australian Federal Police’s involvement in death penalty crimes found that the Bali Nine duo aren’t the only two facing execution.

Fairfax Media reports at least a dozen Australians face serious charges carrying the death penalty, with most of the offences believed to be drug smuggling in Asia.

The report reveals the AFP have been extensively involved in death penalty cases for almost a decade, and just last year co-operated with foreign police in 100 cases known as “potential death penalty situations”.

While the police authority said it played no part in the investigations of the 12 Australians, in 2009 it was summoned to the Federal Court after they tipped off Indonesian officials about Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

Since the arrest of the Bali Nine, new guidelines have been established for such cases after the judge cleared the AFP of wrongdoing but said that new protocols were needed.

If providing a foreign police service with a tip-off about Australians, the AFP now must consider the severity of the crime and the profile of those involved, such as their age.

Yesterday it emerged that condemned Bali Nine duo, Chan and Sukumaran, have sent Indonesia president Joko Widodo hand-written letters in Bahasa as part of a last-ditch effort to have their death sentences reviewed. Read more on that here.

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