In 2012 The Hottest Video Game Titles Are Forcing Us To Take A Hard Look At Poverty And Class Warfare

Two of the hottest video game trailers for titles that will be released this year will feature commentary on the economy.

When Rockstar Games released the trailer for the next instalment of their successful Grand Theft Auto series, many viewers couldn’t help but notice two things.

One, we are back in LA. Two, with the appearance of foreclosure signs and homeless people living under a bridge packed into a minute and 25 second trailer, it’s clear that Rockstar is taking on the state of the economy. Initial images of the material wealth LA embodies clearly fade in the trailer setting up a dichotomy for class warfare. If you haven’t already seen it, you’ve got to check out the trailer below.

The trailer for BioShock Infinite that was released during the Spike TV VGA’s
also includes social and economic messages that can clearly be identified in the trailer

There’s no doubt that the game developers behind these games are taking social
and economic woes head on and they are going to take gamers along for the ride.