Documents Confirm Connection Between Zuckerberg And Guy Who Says He Owns 84% Of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard

In the latest legal battle over Facebook, a guy named Paul Ceglia says CEO Mark Zuckerberg signed away what now amounts to 84% of the company to him back when he was 18

Yesterday in court, Ceglia’s lawyer said that Mark signed the contract after doing work for Ceglia on a site called StreetFax.

While we haven’t seen the purported contract, we have viewed documents that seem to confirm Ceglia paid Mark to develop a site called StreetFax. This was one of many freelance development projects Mark was working on around that time.

What has always seemed extra-silly about this lawsuit is how Ceglia’s paying Mark to develop a site for Ceglia would entitle Ceglia to an ownership stake in a future Mark Zuckerberg site.

If Mark’s lawyers can’t get the lawsuit nixed because of the statute of limitations, we expect we’ll find out what THAT story is.

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