Imprisoned UBS Whistle-Blower Brad Birkenfeld Is Mad As Hell

Bradley Birkenfeld UBS whistleblower

Late last night, we got an electronic message from former UBS banker and tax evasion whistle-blower Bradley Birkenfeld, who began serving a 40 month prison sentence earlier this month.He’s not happy.

Writing from Schuylkill County Federal Correctional Institution in Minersville, Pennsylvania, Birkenfeld again railed against the Department of Justice for sending him to prison despite making what he and his lawyer call “the most important tax whistle-blower in history.”

Birkenfeld says he only gets “15 minute intervals on email and check [sic] it twice a day” and warns that “all emails, phone calls and post are monitored!”

It’s not like he’s mincing words, however:

Well, you can see that the DOj has once again screwed up this international banking scandal.  The ‘Amnesty Program’ was a blatant indication to cover for the politically connected and wealthy individuals.  Now, the DPA and John Doe summons was a joke – 4,450 names out of 52,000 (less than 10%) and now it seems that they will not even get those.  The fine of $780 mm was also a joke given UBS made $200 million a year for the 8 year period in question (2000-2007).  I guess the US taxpayer gets screwed again (by a foreign bank) when it is in fact the banks that got us in this mess and people are losing their homes and paying outrageous credit card debit interest.  Maybe we should look at all the political contributions from UBS to US politicians – I know this is huge.  Just look at the recent Supreme Court ruling to continue this pattern of conduct.

He continues:

The Swiss parliament will rule on the Swiss court ruling from Friday.  Watch the DOJ & IRS collectively create an excuse to walk away from this matter.  Just look at the UBS share price off 3.5% today – $13.60 closing price.  This is a major cover up and that is why Martin Liechti was let back to Switzerland with no charges.  I told the DOJ to arrest him back in June 2007 and they know he can blackmail the US as he is the one person that knows all the KEY US clients of the bank ($25 million and above) plus all the PEPs (policially exposed people).  Otherwise, why let him go??

While prosecutors acknowledge Birkenfeld was central to their case against UBS, they argue he deserves incarceration because he wasn’t forthcoming about his own role in the scheme, which he denies despite pleading guilty, as the Wall Street Journal notes.

Stephen Kohn, the Executive Director of the National Whistleblower centre and one of Birkenfeld’s attorneys, issued this statement the day he went to prison:

The imprisonment of Bradley Birkenfeld, the most important tax whistleblower in history, is shocking and unjustified. This decision is not only grossly unfair and personally harmful to Mr. Birkenfeld, it will also have a radical chilling effect on the willingness of other bankers to step forward and expose fraud.

Meanwhile, Birkenfeld is alternatively trying to get a Presidential pardon or a multi-billion dollar payout under a 2006 tax-informant law.

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