The 11 Most Impressive New Green Buildings In The US

GvktVKplnRAL7KvI8L7Wg08MSpk8djl5iJLvobZg0tYCourtesy of The American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects has released its 18th annual list of the best new examples of sustainable architecture, and this year’s winners include a treehouse in West Virginia and the California headquarters of the Packard Foundation.

According to the AIA, the winning projects “showcase excellence in ecological design principles and reduced energy consumption.”

U.S. Land Port of Entry; Warroad, MN: The building is constructed of sustainably harvested cedar, and sustainable features include a ground source heat pump system, rainwater collection, and extensive use of recycled materials.

Sustainability Treehouse; Glen Jean, WV: Located in the Summit Bechtel Reserve, the building allows visitors to experience the forest from multiple points. Innovative solar, wind, and water-cleansing systems combine to yield a net-zero energy and net-zero water facility.

Bushwick Inlet Park; Brooklyn, NY: Part of the transformation of the Greenpoint -- Williamsburg waterfront from a decaying industrial strip to a public park, this project houses meeting rooms, classrooms, and maintenance facilities. The facility becomes a green hill one one side, making it 100% usable to the public.

Bud Clark Commons; Portland, OR: Part of Portland's plan to end homelessness, the building provides various services to help transition homeless individuals, including a day center, temporary shelter, and 130 studio apartments. Sustainable features include large-scale graywater recycling, solar hot water, and a high-performance envelope, resulting in energy savings estimated at $US60,000 annually.

Packard Foundation Headquarters; Los Altos, CA: The Packard Foundation brings groups together to solve 'the world's most intractable problems.' Its new headquarters are a sign of its commitment to the local community.

Gateway Center - SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry; Syracuse, NY: This campus center includes a combined heat and power plant and intensive green roof that serve as hands-on teaching and research tools.

Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building Modernization; Portland, OR: This project transformed an existing building into one the the lowest energy-use buildings in the U.S. The building's innovative designs include a facade of 'reeds,' light shelf/sunshades, and a roof canopy that supports solar panels.

Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt (EGWW) Federal Building Modernization; Portland, Oregon

SERA Architects in association with Cutler Anderson Architects

Arizona State University Student Health Services; Tempe, AZ: This adaptive reuse project transformed an inefficient clinic into an organised and high-performing facility. The building is LEED Platinum-certified and one of the most energy-efficient buildings on campus.

Wayne N. Aspinall Federal Building and Courthouse; Grand Junction, CO: The courthouse is a converted landmark building that's now one of the most energy-efficient historic buildings in America. Features include a solar roof and LED lighting.

John & Frances Angelos Law Center; Baltimore, MD: The U. of Baltimore's law center minimizes its dependence on mechanical ventilation and artificial lighting, reducing reliance on energy and natural resources.

The Iowa Utilities Board building was recognised by the AIA in 2012, and was highlighted again this year as a sustainable building having a positive impact. The project, on a former landfill, emails occupants when windows should be opened and closed, uses solar panels, and contains a stormwater treatment plant.

Iowa Utilities Board / Office of the Consumer Advocate Office Building, design by BNIM

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