Impossible Foods is hiring in Australia, confirming the US plant-based meat company is taking a shot at the local market

Impossible Foods.
  • US plant-based meat giant Impossible Foods is advertising for a role in Australia, suggesting the company is making its long-awaited entry into the local market.
  • The company posted a LinkedIn job ad for an Australia and New Zealand Country Manager.
  • Impossible Foods would join a string of plant-based meat companies in Australia including Fable and v2food.
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US plant-based meat company Impossible Food is looking to make a long-anticipated move into the local market, with the company posting an ad for a Australia and New Zealand Country Manager on LinkedIn.

According to the job description, the manager will be responsible for managing the Australia and New Zealand market, including distribution, new sales and growing existing accounts.

The Silicon Valley startup launched in 2011 and became renowned for its Impossible Burger: a “bleeding” meatless patty. It’s meat-like flavour and ‘bleeding’ is mainly attributed to heme, a molecule commonly found in animal muscle tissue.

The plant-based meat is designed reduce the impact on the environment compared to traditional meat production. The company claims Impossible Burgers require “approximately 75% less water and 95% less land, and generate about 87% lower greenhouse gas emissions than a conventional burger from cows.”

Since the original Impossible Burger, the company has also released different variations including Impossible Pork and Impossible Sausage, as well as rolling out its burgers in Burger King in the US.

Impossible Foods is backed by some big names in business, sport and entertainment including, Bill Gates, Serena Williams and Katy Perry. After raising $US300 million in 2019, it reached a massive $US2 billion valuation.

Alongside Impossible Foods is fellow meat-free brand Beyond Meat, which underwent an IPO in 2019. Beyond Meat even trialled Beyond Fried Chicken at KFC in the US, which used – you guessed it – plant-based “chicken”.

Australia has its own plant-based meat companies

Australia has caught on to the plant-based meat trend. The CSIRO estimated Australia’s plant-based meat market to be worth more than $6 billion by 2030, highlighting a major opportunity for grain and meat producers.

Australia has its own stable of plant-based meat companies such as Fable and v2food.

v2food was developed together with the CSIRO and backed by Hungry Jack’s founder Jack Cowin. The company’s “meat” is mainly made of legumes, sunflower oil and coconut fat, and is mainly targeted at meat eaters who are interested in diversifying their diet.

“We want meat eaters to have a choice to say okay, today, we’re going to still cook spag bol or chilli con [carne] or have a burger, but it’s going to be with v2,” v2food Founder and CEO Nick Hazell told Business Insider Australia in October.

Fellow plant based meat company, Fable makes its “meat” mostly from shiitake mushrooms, with the texture and taste designed to be the same as that of pulled pork or beef brisket. The company was co-founded by Michael Fox, with its funding co-led by Blackbird Ventures and Grok Ventures – the venture capital firm founded by Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes.

Impossible Foods confirmed it is hiring an Australia and New Zealand Country Manager as well as other positions.

“Our intention is to replace animals [and] food production technology worldwide, and that certainly means we will be rolling out the Impossible Burger in Australia and New Zealand,” an Impossible Foods spokesperson told Business Insider Australia via email.

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