I’minlikewithyou Makes Jigsaw Puzzles Fun Again. Now For Revenue


It’s been about a year since Charles Forman’s I’minlikewithyou released its first game, Blockles. This shifted its focus to Web gaming from dating and flirting.

So what’s I’minlikewithyou doing with the $1.5 million it raised this past summer? Pushing out more new games — and finally focusing on revenue.

Next up: Jigsawce, a super-fast-paced, multi-player jigsaw puzzle game, which launches tomorrow. (You can play it now; it’s fun.)

How does it work?  Players compete to assemble a puzzle together as fast as possible — this usually takes about two minutes. It’s already been played about 45,000 times in beta testing, with puzzles including a photo of Charles standing in front of an In-N-Out Burger. (Soon, thankfully, you’ll be able to submit your own art for puzzles.)

Unlike I’minlikewithyou’s prior games, Jigsawce comes with a built-in revenue opportunity: Companies can sponsor puzzle backgrounds and/or puzzle pieces. A soft drink company is testing, though we haven’t spotted a sponsored puzzle yet.

Forman says the company is also working on several more games and a store for virtual goods, which they’ll roll out in a few weeks.

Like other multiplayer online games — think “World of Warcraft,” etc. — you’ll be able to buy doodads that give you extra powers in games like Blockles, features, etc. No guarantee it’ll be a hit, but it’s a revenue model that’s worked in the past. And — especially in this economy — it’s probably a safer bet than hoping advertising will be able to pay the bills alone next year.

More good news: Traffic is on the rise. Charles says visitors are playing about 225,000 games a day, more than double last month’s rate. More than a third of the company’s traffic is coming from new distribution channels, including AddictingGames and Newgrounds, he says.

We’ve also heard the company is recruiting a full-time CEO. Forman declined to comment.

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