iminlikewithyou Update: Sneak Peeks Of Redesign

We chatted with iminlikewithyou cofounder Charles Forman this week, who was kind enough to shed more light on his invite-only flirting game/social network that’s engendered all sorts of buzz recently. The site is notable both because of its slick interface and its high-profile founders, who include Digg’s Kevin Rose, Ron Conway, and John Borthwick, the Fotolog CEO who is also making lots of early stage investments in Alley companies. iminlikewithyou started out as a Y Combinator company all the way back in 2006.

iminlikewithyou has signed up 10,000 users so far. Revenue? Nope. It’s ad-free, and Charles doesn’t seem to be in a rush to change that. But he’s already identified something unexpected about the site — the majority of his users are gawking at a relatively small number of people actually using the site to flirt.

No problem, says Charles, who seems happy if people end up using the site for entertainment more than anything else. But he’s tweaking the site to make it more accessible to voyeurs passive users, who simply want to see what people are up to instead of flirting themselves. He gave us a peek at some, but not all of the elements of the redesign, which should be live in September. It’s difficult to explain without looking at it yourself, but the gist is that he’s bringing a lot more scoreboards, updates and the like directly to you. Luckily we have screenshots after the jump:

Home page:


Profile page:

Browser page:

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