Take A Tour Of Imgur's Quirky San Francisco Office

Imgur Office tour

Imgur has come a long way since its humble beginnings more than five years ago. Earlier this year the company announced it has more than 130 million visitors monthly, roughly the same as Buzzfeed, Fortune reported. Still the startup is working in the same space it’s had for almost three years, CEO and founder Alan Schaaf told Business Insider. Before that, operations were based out of Ohio, where Schaaf studied.
This fall, Imgur is making the move from its small downtown San Francisco office near Union Square to a more appropriately sized space in Jackson Square. But before they begin packing up to leave in the next few months, Business Insider took a tour of Imgur’s office, taking photos of what Schaaf has called “the de facto image host for the Internet.”

About 15 people work between two brick walls in Imgur's office on San Francisco's Market Street.

Company spirit permeates. You can't miss Imgur's signature lime green colour.

Imgur proudly reps its awards.

And also its mascot, the Imguraffe. He's everywhere.


Engineer Bryn Mosher has giraffes mixed in with an action figure army on his desk.

Mosher (left) poses with another worker.

Engineer Carlos Espinoza built this Lego castle as a pen holder.

These two employees code behind what might be the coolest computer tower of all time.

After almost three years here, Imgur has almost outgrown its brick walls. The company is looking to move this November to a larger office in San Francisco's Jackson Square.

Every office needs a good smash room. CEO Alan Schaaf says the new office will have a much larger space to accommodate their frequent 'Super Smash Bros.' tournaments.

The company's current smash room is adorned with trippy cat paintings. Which is weird ...

... because Imgur's director of community, Sarah Schaaf, brings her dog to the office every day

Chi Chi, a chihuahua-corgi mix, sleeps under Sarah's desk.

Chi Chi also likes to lounge in the smash room, right next to the cats.

Imgur's vibe reads supremely relaxed, but sometimes the team faces high-stress situations. Here is a framed photo of six Imgur employees narrowly escaping an explosion.

Can't get enough of lime-green startups?

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