Shoe Queen Imelda Marcos Shuts Down An Art Show Featuring Jesus Covered In Dildos

imelda marcos
Marcos visited the exhibit Aug. 8

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An art exhibition in Manila featuring depictions of Jesus covered in dildos, ashtrays, and other profane objects was shut down this week at the urging of former Philippine First Lady-turned congresswoman Imelda Marco, according to ArtInfo.The show, by controversial artist Mideo Cruz, had been open just three weeks at Manila’s Cultural centre of the Philippines before it was abruptly shuttered.

“You can express yourself, but express yourself in a beautiful way,” Marcos told the Manila Bulletin Newspaper, adding that the installation “could not be considered art,” ArtInfo reported.

In addition to a dildo-covered Jesus, pieces in the show included Jesus’ face covered with a wooden ashtray and topped by a semi-erect penis and a large cross sculpture adorned with a bright red dildo.

Marcos was not the only politician in the predominantly Catholic country to object to Cruz’s show; the majority floor leader of the Philippines’ Senate threatened to cut the cultural centre’s budget and a special government hearing was called on the matter.

Marcos was first elected to Congress in 1995. She is the widow of Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos and is perhaps best known for her extravagant shows of wealth during her time as First Lady, including her collection of 2,700 pairs of shoes.

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