Imax Invests In More 3-D Screens


In preparation for the wave of 3-D movies slated to hit the big screen in the next few months, Imax plans to increase the number of its theatres capable of showing 3-D films.

Financial Times: The US group, which is upgrading its trademark large screens from film to digital projectors capable of showing 2D and 3D films, plans to open 100 screens worldwide in 2009 and to increase its estate from 350 to 600 screens within three to four years, Rich Gelfond, its chief executive, told the Financial Times.

Won’t Jeffrey Katzenberg be happy?! Still, analysts expect that there will only be 1,500 3-D screens in the U.S. by the time DreamWorks releases Monsters vs. Aliens at the end of March. Imax, meanwhile, plans to show the film on 200 screens.

Still, as other theatres halt their investments in 3-D, Imax is poised to capture a larger percentage of the 3-D box office revenues.

“With so much digital product available, we become one of the only solutions for the studios,” Mr Gelfond said. “The percentage of the 3D box office which we capture will certainly be higher than we thought it would be a year or so ago.”