A Cleveland Cavaliers player delivered a baby with his bare hands

Cleveland Cavaliers swingman Iman Shumpert’s fiancee Tyana Taylor announced the birth of her daughter over Instagram on Thursday, and the lengthy caption revealed a rather unbelievable birth story.

“Not knowing I was in labour until I felt her head … it took two ten count pushes with my fiancé playing Dr and she entered this world into his bare hands!” explained Taylor.

That’s right — Shump delivered a baby with his bare hands! But it gets even better:

“Eyes full of tears and barely able to speak to the emergency operator, [Shumpert] tied a pair of red headphones around the umbilical cord and the ambulance made [its] grand entrance 5 minutes later.”

Now, I’m not a doctor, so I’m in no position to judge Shumpert’s, uh, Beats-by-Dre birthing techniques.

Here’s the full announcement:

 Congratulations to the new mum and dad.

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