Imagining A 5-inch iPhone

Never mind rumours of an awkwardly named 4.8-inch “iPhone maths”, the concept of a much larger iPhone has been floating about ever since the realities of early LTE chipsets — and the batteries that came with them — forced Android and Windows-based competitors to break the size barrier. Before the 16:9 iPhone 5 was announced, I examined some of the different ways Apple could go to 4-inches. More recently, following the launch of the iPad mini and the Droid DNA, I took a quick look at how Apple could achieve a 1080p+, 440ppi+ phone, one that would sit between 4-inches and 7.9-inches.

But it’s worth a deeper look. Because, when you’re dragging hundreds of millions of users, hundreds of thousands of developers, and hundreds of… hundreds of accessory makers behind your platform, it makes turning on a dime hugely problematic. Small, incremental steps, with adjustment periods after each, is the prudent way to go. And that’s exactly how Apple has handled the iPhone so far.

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