7 incredible aerial images of shark feeding frenzies off the Australian coast


The NSW government has been capturing crazy footage of sharks feeding along the east coast of Australia.

SharkSmart, the Department of Primary Industries campaign to help water users minimise the risk of being in waters where sharks may be present, has been posting aerial images of sharks spotted in NSW waters on Twitter.

Many show the predators making their way through schools of fish, creating a halo effect around them as they move.

Just this week beaches from Byron Bay to North Stradbroke Island had to be evacuated as sharks feed on large schools of fish.

Today at Wooyung, 30 minutes north of Byron Bay, two 2.3-metre Common Blacktip sharks were spotted.

No swimmers or surfers were in the water at the time.

Here’s a look at some of the insane images.

In 2015, the organisation launched an app to help people track the movements of sharks at the beaches they frequented.

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