Celebrities, Politicians, And More Than 300,000 People Show Up To NYC's Climate March

People's climate march REUTERS/Adrees LatifActivists hold a banner as they lead a march of tens of thousands down 6th Avenue during the People’s Climate March through Midtown, New York September 21, 2014.

The People’s Climate March — a New York City-based event touted as the “largest climate march in history” — happened on Sunday, September 21 and lived up to the expectations.

More than 310,000 people showed up to the march, according to the official twitter account. Those people included celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo, Politicians like Bill DeBlasio and Al Gore, and Primatologist Jane Goodall.

Here’s a few pictures rounded up from twitter:

The march was born shortly after it was announced that this year’s UN Climate Summit — a gathering of international leaders to discuss actions and solutions to the problem of global climate change — would occur in New York City, said spokesperson Maryam Adrangi. The movement was spearheaded by local organisations hoping to express their concern over climate change during the week leading up to the summit.

All of that organisation seems to have paid off. The crowd was huge:

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon joined the march as well, in the blue hat next to Goodall in this image:

But with climate change threatening just about every aspect of life on earth, from our shrinking shorelines to our vanishing biodiversity, it’s a problem far bigger than the confines of New York City — and participation in the People’s Climate March grew over the months to reflect this fact, spawning similar marches all over the world.

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