Stunning Images From The 10-Mile California Wildfire That Look Like They Should Be From A Movie

california fireA firefighter works as a raging wildfire pushing towards the coast destroys trailers and motorhomes in Camarillo.

A wildfire that flared up in 30 mph winds on Thursday burned a 10-mile path to the Pacific by Friday, Shaya Tayefe Mohajer and Christopher Webert of The Associated Press report. 

By the time it reached the coast late Thursday night, the blaze had burned about 8,000 acres — or 12½ square miles — and was only 10% contained by more than 900 firefighters and deputies.

The flames forced thousands of people from hundreds of homes and torched motorhomes.

“We know the fire is continuing to grow,” Nash told reporters at about 6 a.m. Friday (EDT), adding that firefighters won’t know how much until they check by helicopter during daylight.

The leading edge of the blaze is about 20 miles from Malibu.

Some 2,000 homes are threatened but none have been destroyed (besides the RVs).

(Note: Two homes and 11 vehicles were destroyed in a 12-acre fire in Riverside County, Calif., that fire officials suspect was ignited by a discarded cigarette.)

No injuries have been reported.

The fire began during Thursday morning about 50 miles northwest of Los Angeles morning along U.S. 101.

RTXZ7ZIThe Springs Fire burns an agricultural storage area near Camarillo, California.
california wildfireA fast moving brush fire approaches a home in the Camarillo Springs area of Ventura County, California.
california firePhotographers take pictures of The Springs Fire near Camarillo in Ventura County.
california fireFirefighters work as a raging brush fire pushes towards the coast in Camarillo.
RTXZ8DLA trailer is engulfed in flames as a raging wildfire pushes towards the coast in Camarillo.
california fireFirefighters battle to protect a CalTrans Maintenance Station and Fuel Depot from the Springs Fire near Pacific Coast Highway and the Los Angeles County Line at Malibu, California.
california fireA motorhome destroyed by a raging brush fire pushing towards the coast in Camarillo.

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