Stunning Images Capture Alcohol Under A Microscope

It’s not just to drink any more.

Instead of getting wasted, a company called Bevshots is using alcohol to do something amazing: They’re crystalizing your favourite beer, wine, cocktails, and liquor and putting tghe results under a microscope. Booze never looked so beautiful.

The drinks were crystallized on a slide and photographed under a polarised light microscope. The light refracts through the drink’s crystals and the results speak for themselves.

Tequila looks almost like glass. The artist says this is a good example of the fact that they are shooting microscopic photos of crystals because you can see the individual formations.

PiƱa Colada looks extremely exotic. The artist says many customers liken this image to peacock feathers.

There's something about this photo of scotch that reminds us of Vincent Van Gogh's, 'The Starry Night.'

This is a lager beer made in St. Louis. We're told this image is different from the others because the beer was crystallized by freezing it. The photo was snapped right as the beer was transitioning from slush into ice. You can see the divide where the change is happening.

Red wine almost looks like colourful palm trees lined up in a row.

There's something perfectly festive about this image of a margarita.

Vodka reminds us of meteors shooting through the sky.

This drink that looks almost like a spinning vortex is actually non-alcoholic cola.

Enter the magical forest of champagne.

Penguin-like colours come off of this Belgian lambic beer.

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