NASA released the closest-ever images of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

As NASA’s Juno probe flew over Jupiter on July 10th, it snapped photographs of the planet’s most iconic feature, the Great Red Spot. Following is a transcript of the video.

This is our closest look at Jupiter’s iconic “Great Red Spot.” These photographs were taken by NASA’s Juno probe. It flew just 5,600 miles above the Great Red Spot — an enormous storm that’s 1.3 times as wide as Earth. The storm is believed to have lasted for over 350 years.

How it persisted for that long is a mystery. But recent studies suggest the Great Red Spot is shrinking.

Scientists are studying the new photographs and data to better understand the large and long-lasting storm. Juno has been orbiting Jupiter for over a year. It’s already sent back photos of Jupiter’s rings and turbulent south pole. We can’t wait to see what it sends back next!

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