19 More Stunning Images You Won't Believe Were Found On Google Street View

In March, we showed you 26 images from artist Jon Rafman, who spends hours searching through Google Street View images in hopes of finding weird and beautiful moments from all over the world.

His Tumblr, 9-eyes — named after the 9 cameras Google Street View uses — is where he curates the best images he finds, by just “wandering.”

He also doesn’t document where exactly the photos were taken.

You can read an interview he did with the New York Times here, but first, we picked 19 more photos we thought you’d love to see.

Rafman says he likes being the only 'person' to have seen these moments before sharing them.

Because the images are taken via robot.

So pretty.

Tiny, serene moments are happening every second.

One of the most interesting parts of Rafman's work is that he doesn't document the locations of where he finds the images.

Animals in the middle of the road are often seen on the 9-eyes blog.


An open hydrant.

The photos come from all over the world.

The nature shots look like built-in desktop photos.


He's been culling through photos for years...

...picking the best ones.

This is just weird.

The photos make you wish you had some context.

Just a day in the life of this guy.

Lots to spot in this photo.

Like we said, animals. So many animals.

Zeus throwing down the lightening bolt.

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