I'm Going To Israel And Palestine—Tell Me What You Want To Learn!


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

It is hard to think of a region that has provoked more global unrest in the last 65 years than Israel and Palestine.That’s where I’m headed in just a few days.

A few months ago, I was invited to attend and cover the fourth Israeli Presidential Conference in Jerusalem, where I’ll be covering discussions on some of the most important global issues right now: the Arab Spring, threats to U.S. economic health, the effects of the European sovereign debt and bank crises on the global economy, scarcity of natural resources, etc.

But while I’m in the area, I’m eager to explore both the West Bank and Israel and provide all of you with a better idea of what it’s like to live and work in one of the most quarrelsome locations in the world.

In an attempt to dispel allegations of bias, I’ll give you my background upfront:

  • I grew up in New Jersey and have an American passport.
  • I identify as Jewish (no, I am NOT related to Abraham Foxman, the National Director of the Anti-Defamation League).
  • I speak passable Arabic, so I’ll be able to get around in the West Bank. I’ll do my best to get by with English in Israel.
  • I majored in Middle Eastern studies and economics in college, and wrote an honours thesis on the Arab Spring.
  • I don’t pretend to know how to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Although Israel and Palestine have received a tremendous amount of media attention through the years, I believe there are a wealth of stories that never make the rounds.

So please: Give me suggestions! Tell me who to talk to! Tell me where to go and what to see! I’ll do my best to share everything I can learn right here on Business Insider.

I’ll be arriving in Jerusalem to cover the conference for two days late next week, then moving on to Ramallah, and spending three days tracking down whatever stories I can. (I’ll also be swinging by Frankfurt and Dusseldorf, Germany, on my way there and back.)

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