#IllRideWithYou Goes Viral As Australians Band Together Against Islamphobia

Sydney commuters on York street in Sydney’s CBD. Photo: Mark Kolbe/ Getty Images.

As Australia waits as the siege situation still unfolds in Sydney’s Martin Place, public concerns have been raised for Australian muslims who could become targets of racial vilification following the events.

But instead Australians have banded together in a beautiful movement that will restore your faith in humanity: #illridewithyou.

It all started this afternoon when Australians started taking to social media in support of the Australia muslim community, offer rides to work, someone to walk with or someone to sit next to on the bus in order to keep them safe.

#illridewithyou is now trending as the top hashtag in the world right now.

According to EFTM as of 9.15pm this evening approximately 35,000 people had already tweeted the #illridewithyou hashtag – that’s 625 tweets per minute.

Here’s where it all started…

… and here are some of the tweets going around


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