Lawyer Claims His Dancer Ex-Wife Got Half His Savings After She Threw Boiling Water At Him

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A lawyer in Illinois has spilled the dirtiest details about his life with his allegedly abusive ex-wife, claiming she doused him with boiling water and threw knives and scissors at him.The lawyer, identified only as Christian, told the Chicago Sun-Times he met Alana, a dancer, more than 15 years ago through friends who thought the pair would be a perfect match.

The two married six months later.

“She was tall, with a dancer’s posture, extremely attractive with exotic looks,” Christian told the Sun-Times. “She had a very interactive, engaging personality.”

But things quickly went downhill for the happy couple.

“She would drop hints that they [family members] were bad people, and then claim victimhood. At the same time, she sabotaged all of my relationships with my friends, going so far as to call them and tell them off, allegedly on my instructions,” Christian said, adding that Alana broke two of his ribs with her dancer kicks, threw boiling water in his face, and threw knives and scissors at him.

During marriage counseling, the couple’s psychiatrist said Alana had bipolar disorder.

The pair ultimately divorced 24 months later, with Alana getting half of Christian’s savings, as well as two years “high maintenance,” a phrase Christian told the Sun-Times he still finds amusing.

He credits his lousy divorce settlement to the fact that his attorney “was in lust” with Alana.

“As an attorney myself, I should have caught on,” Christian told the Sun-Times. “Today he’d lose his licence. Back then, Illinois had no rules against sleeping with your client or your opponent’s client.”

Christian says he’s moved on and is currently in love with a woman he’s been with for 10 years.

As for Alana, he says he’s glad she’s gone and has only see her once in the 15 years since the divorce.

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