Today Sweden Announced A Plan To Give Health Care To Illegal Immigrants

Sweden Flag

Photo: Flickr/Peter Krantz

The Swedish government has announced that an agreement to allow undocumented immigrants to receive subsidized health care had been reached, according to the Local.Under the agreement, announced today by the governing Christian Democrats party and the Green Party, children up to 18 years of age would receive full medical coverage while adults would receive care for urgent medical conditions.

In effect, illegal immigrants would receive the same type of coverage as legal asylum seekers.

Sweden is known for their progressive health care system. While the citizen’s tax burden is over 50% of their annual income, life expectancy is 81 years compared to America’s 78. In addition, health care costs account for 9.9% of the GDP compared to 16% for America.  

And for expectant mothers, this is quite comforting: 18 months of paid maternity leave (at 80% of the regular salary) and the guarantee of your job when you return. 

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