Illegal Downloading Set To Become A Thing Of The Past -- If George Brandis Gets His Way

Picture: AMC

The Australian Government will offer internet providers incentives to prevent illegal downloading as part of a crackdown on online piracy.

Today, speaking at the Australian Digital Alliance forum, Attorney-General George Brandis told the meeting of the strategies the Abbott government hopes to put in place.

Here are the main points:

  • Internet service providers will be forced to block websites that allow users to illegally stream or download movies, music and television shows;
  • A “graduated response scheme” will be implemented that could lead to consumers’ internet accounts being temporarily suspended if they ignore notifications to stop downloading illegal content;
  • Internet service providers will be offered a legal incentive to cooperate with copyright owners in preventing infringement on their systems and networks.

Australians are among the most avid users of pirating websites in the world, accounting for 16% of all illegal downloads of television program Breaking Bad, according to The Age.

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