Ikepod’s High-End Hourglass

Ikepod Hourglass

I find it really ironic that an hourglass is a novel concept in the watch industry. When Marc Newson designed Ikepod released the Hourglass last year, I remember thinking “Wait. Is this the only high-end hourglass that you can get?” Yea, I think it is. It is as if the classic timing tool was a forgotten piece of history.

Well, you might not have a lot of options in your quality hourglass buying needs, but the good news is that the Ikepod ones are pretty darn nice. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but you can actually time with them as well. According to Ikepod, the time ratings for both the large and small ones are quite accurate. You can now live your dream of looking your nemesis in the eye and stating, “You have until this hourglass runs out to bring me my money, or your family will die a slow and painful death … While the hourglass runs out yet again.”

Last year, they released the larger of the two hourglasses while Ikepod has offered the smaller version this year. The large one (which is actually pretty big and heavy) is rated to measure 60 minutes. This model is easily the more decorative of the two as it makes for a larger presence. The newer, smaller, version is rated at 10 minutes and is the one that I prefer. Why? Well the simple reason is that it is small enough to comfortably hold in your hands and offers a more satisfying tactile experience. The hourglass is a gorgeous piece of functional art but the best part really is that you can play with it. Though you budding villains out there will certainly want at least one large one. I do want to point out that the nanoball filling is a very interesting feature, as well, but I’ll get to more about that in a moment.

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