IKEA Warns IKEAhacker To Stop Making Money Off Customising Its Furniture

Getty/John Moore

In an understandable but classic play to retain control of its brand, IKEA, the world’s most ubiquitous homogenised flatpack furniture maker, has issued a cease and desist warning to the IKEAhacker.net website which has been helping people individualise their IKEA purchases since 2006.

IKEAhacker helps people turn the garden variety flatpacks into things like stainless steel outdoor tables or bring a vintage touch to their side tables.

Angus Kidman from lifehacker raged against this move recently after news broke that IKEA has hit the IKEAhacker website with both a cease and desist letter and a request to transfer the website to the company.

But the website founder told News.com.au that he’s been able to keep the domain name on a “non-commercial” basis after negotiations with the company.

That means no ads and no income.

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