IKEA plans to sell rugs made by Syrian refugees

IKEA refugee shelterBetterShelter.orgSyrian refugees inside an IKEA shelter.

Since 2011, Jordan has accepted over 655,000 Syrian refugees, according to the United Nations.

For many of them, it can be hard to find work.

IKEA plans to make a small contribution towards fixing the problem. Starting in 2019, the Scandinavian furniture giant will sell a line of rugs and textiles made by Syrian refugees.

The company expects the initiative to create jobs for about 200 refugees living in Jordan, most of whom are women, according to CNN. To get the project off the ground, IKEA is working with local nonprofits that focus on women’s issues.

This is not IKEA’s first effort to aid refugees. In 2015, the company’s nonprofit arm created a shelter for refugee camps in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and in January, the tent won the 2017 Beazley Design of the Year award.

In January 2016, IKEA also donated $33.1 million to the UN Refugee Agency.

Though these projects pre-date President Trump’s decision to temporarily ban refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries (including those from Syria indefinitely), IKEA responded to his executive order on January 31.

“We support the fundamental rights of all people, and do not accept any form of discrimination,” the company said in a statement.

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