An Ikea expert says kitchens won't exist in homes in the future -- here's where we might cook instead

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For many homes, the kitchen is the central hub of the home.

It’s where people congregate, socialise, and eat together.

But Swedish furniture design company Ikea thinks that the traditional kitchen may soon be a thing of the past, and that communal cooking spaces will be the new norm.

Speaking to, Ikea Australia’s head of interior design Tiffany Buckins spoke about the future of domestic spaces as part of Sydney’s Vivid Ideas festival.

“Urbanisation is seeing more and more people move towards cities. And more people in the same space challenges our lifestyles and calls for new living conditions,” she said.

“From visiting the homes of Australians all over the country, we know that the average home is shrinking in size.”

As homes shrink, so too do the size of rooms. It may be the case that some rooms, like the kitchen, could be phased out altogether in favour of more practical, shared solutions.

Many apartment blocks already have shared laundry facilities, and it may be so that shared kitchen facilities are the next logical step as homes get smaller and smaller.

In what would be a nightmare situation for people who like to live by themselves, the alternative would be a hostel-like communal kitchen, shared with neighbours.

“In the future you may not need a kitchen because you can go to a communal area to cook and prepare your meals, or heat up your ready-made meal,” she said. has more.

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