Ikea Is Killing Every Startup's Favourite Desk, The 'Galant'

Ikea’s “Galant” desk, favoured by startups everywhere, will soon disappear from Ikea stores.

“As of now, we are not producing any more Galant desks,” Janice Simonsen, Ikea’s U.S. product public relations representative told Business Insider.

Ikea is phasing out the Galant desks and replacing them with a new, similar-looking series of desks. The Bekant will start appearing in stores next week, and will be available in all Ikea stores by October.

The Ikea website is already referring to the page displaying the rest of its Galant desks as “the Galant/Bekant system.”

The Galant desk, minimalistic in its design and easily customisable, is used the world over — most notably in the offices of startups. Tomorrow Focus, the publisher of the Huffington Post in Germany, has several news rooms full of the desks. Business Insider does, too.

As early as November 2013, Ikea forums began buzzing with rumours of Ikea discontinuing the Galant desk line. Similar rumours of the Galant’s demise resurfaced on Twitter earlier this summer.

“People will like the Bekant just as much, if not better than the Galant line,” Simonsen said.

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