Ikea Just Fixed The Worst Thing About Its Furniture

Ikea furniture can take hours to assemble. The complicated assembly instructions and occasionally missing pieces have triggered domestic disturbances and inspired hundreds of memes and parodies

So the company has come up with a new line of goods, including a bookshelf, cabinets and a coffee table, that can all be assembled in less than five minutes. 

The new line, called REGISSÖR, needs no tools, screws or bolts. Instead, it comes with wooden wedge dowels that can be snapped into place using your hands.

Here are a couple of the bookshelves, when assembled. They look nice, but it remains to be seen whether the dowel system will hold the sheves together:

TheREGISSÖR line is launching later this month on the heels of Ikea’s announcement that it’s executing a brand reinvention in an effort to double sales to 50 billion euros by 2020.

“I think we have to — and we are   — rethinking what’s Scandinavian for tomorrow,” Marcus Engman Ikea’s head of design, told Reuters. “Everybody has a bigger view than what they had in the fifties… That means we have to change.”

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