Here's what it takes to be a YouTube star -- according to someone who's been doing it for over a decade

Justine Ezarik, aka iJustine, is one of the most popular people on YouTube, and it took a lot of work to get there. We spoke with Justine to find out how long it takes her to make her videos and how she prepared for a career as a social media superstar.

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Following is a transcript of the video:

Hey, I’m Justine and I make YouTube videos and I also am pretty much everywhere online as iJustine.

So when I first started, I really honestly was creating videos because I was showing people that I knew how to edit. So at that time, I was also freelance graphic design and freelance production. So I was doing so many other things besides YouTube. And I also did have several full-time jobs. Which I think is so important, because the equipment and everything is expensive, and to be able to get that, you sort of have to have the income on the side.

So I feel like it took a really long time for me to sort of get to that point. And I probably quit my jobs a little bit too soon, but if I wouldn’t have, then I wouldn’t have been able to put all of my focus and energy sort of into YouTube.

I feel like you just gotta sometimes just dive right in.

So I think one of the hardest parts is standing out on YouTube, because so many people are doing it. But for me, you know, I’ve just created content that I would want to see.

Most of the stuff that I did learn I am self-taught, but I did go to school for video production, graphic design, multimedia, 3D, programming. Now I end up using pretty much everything of that in my career.

If there’s something that is super topical, I will shoot the video in the morning, then I will edit for maybe 4 or 5 hours, then post the video. So it really can be an all-day process. But there are other videos that take much, much longer. Especially product reviews, where I can review the product one day, then keep testing, and then finally give my wrap-up of that said product in another video. So those can take 3 or 4 days to shoot.

And then there’s cooking videos. I try to shoot a few of those in one day, and then some of those take 15 to 20 hours to edit. So it really depends on the video.

I think also another misconception too is people think that, you know, vloggers and people film 24/7. Really, we don’t. Like, I just sort of film little key highlights and then sort of fill in the blanks. And a lot of times, which I have done more recently this past couple of years, is try to bank some content. So if there’s a day or week that I’m travelling, I’ll know that I have videos set, and I won’t have to worry while I’m travelling, and filming, and editing.

But it’s hard, because it is a lot of scheduling, and a lot of processes that go into it.

So I guess it took a long time sort of building my career. I think I’m still building it. And what’s really fun about YouTube and things online, is I kind of create my own destiny. And it’s not just me, it’s other content creators too. And it takes, I think, a lot of time really to sort of build that and figure out the content that you want.

So I mean, we’re 11 years in now, so I still feel like, you know, you’re always building to the next thing.

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