iiNet has been knocked out big time today

iiNet has crashed

In an echo of Telstra’s recent network failure, the telco iiNet has been knocked out today, and eight hours after the problem began, both the company and customers still have no idea when they’ll be reconnected.

A screenshot off iiNet’s site today

Outages at the telco began early this morning, affecting email, voice and other services. The problems include an inability log in to email and authentication errors and began at 4am.

The company says engineers are investigating, but a solution may at least four hours away.

“Engineers are continuing to investigate with the assistance of our vendor with highest priority, there is no current ETR (estimated time repair),” the company says on its website.

TPG’s Perth-based telco has left customers frustrated and unable to contact the company, adding to the problem. Another problem emerged a few hours later, blocking calls to iiNet’s contact numbers, including tech support and billing.

TPG paid $1.6 billion for the business last year. iiNet has nearly 900,000 customers making up around half of TPG’s business.

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