Fracking Keeps 44,000 New Yorkers Employed Even Thought It’s Banned

New York’s legislature continues to dither over whether to allow fracking in the Empire State.

According to a new report from research group IHS, the process is already keeping more than 44,000 New Yorkers employed.

The group details the jobs that extracting unconventional oil and gas creates in all 50 states, directly and indirectly.

These positions include drilling materials manufacturers and service providers as well as retailers who sell goods to oil workers and banks who process transactions.

Here are the totals for non-producing states:

ihs fracking

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Here’s the detailed explanation of IHS’ “linked state economies” formula:

…the sourcing of inputs for the development of unconventional oil and gas activity will impact states that do not have an unconventional oil or gas play within their borders. For example, the development of unconventional gas wells in Arkansas relies on bank, financial and insurance services in New York and professional services primarily in Texas. Capturing these connections highlights the indirect economic contribution even in states that lack unconventional oil and gas plays.”

You can also see that even if New York decides not to lift its fracking ban, drilling in other states will cause Empire State employment to double by 2020.

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