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Welcome to the IGNITION 2016 Livestream – Business Insider’s flagship annual conference in New York City.

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Here’s the lineup of speakers for Tuesday, December 6th.

9:00am  Presentation: The Future of Digital   
Henry Blodget, Global Editor-in-Chief & CEO, Business Insider


Interview: Deliverer

Neal Mohan, Chief Product Officer, YouTube

Interviewer: Alyson Shontell, Editor-in-Chief, US, Business Insider


Interview: The Magician

Jeff Bewkes, Chairman & CEO, Time Warner Inc.

Interviewer: Henry Blodget, Global Editor-in-Chief & CEO, Business Insider


Conversation: Dancing to The Music

Erik Huggers, CEO & President, Vevo

Interviewer: Nicholas Carlson, Editor-in-Chief, INSIDER

11:00am  Presentation: Virtual Disruption — It’s Real

Jessica Smith, Research Analyst, BI Intelligence


Interview: The New Fox

James Murdoch, CEO, 21st Century Fox

Interviewer: Henry Blodget, Global Editor-in-Chief & CEO, Business Insider


Interview: Networker

Chuck Robbins, CEO, Cisco

Interviewer: Matt Rosoff, West Coast Bureau Chief, Business Insider


Interview: Mobilizer

Randall L. Stephenson, Chairman & CEO, AT&T

Interviewer: Henry Blodget, Global Editor-in-Chief & CEO, Business Insider

2:15pm  Presentation: Marketing to People, not Proxies

Eric Porres, CMO, Sailthru


Panel: Ads That Don’t Suck

Sloan Gaon, CEO, PulsePoint

Patrick Keane, President, Sharethrough

Brian Lesser, CEO, North America, GroupM

Mihael Mikek, Founder & CEO, Celtra

Moderator: Pete Spande, CRO, Business Insider


Panel: Get Out!
Barry Frey, CEO, DPAA

Dan Levi, CMO, Clear Channel Outdoor Americas

Duncan McCall, CEO, PlaceIQ

Moderator: Lara O’Reilly, Senior Editor, Business Insider



Conversation: Game On —

eSports Grow Up

Kevin Lin, COO, Twitch

Peter Moore, Chief Competition Officer, EA

Interviewer: Steve Kovach, Sr.

Correspondent, Business Insider

4:25pm  Interview: Connector

Nathan Blecharczyk, CTO, Airbnb

Interviewer: Alyson Shontell,

Editor-in-Chief, US, Business Insider

4:50pm  Conversation: How We Work

Miguel McKelvey, Cofounder & CCO,


Adam Neumann, Cofounder & CEO,


Interviewer: Nicholas Carlson,

Editor-in-Chief, INSIDER

5:20pm  Conversation: The Incubators

Barry Diller, Chairman & Sr. Executive, IAC & Expedia Inc.

Joey Levin, CEO, IAC

Interviewer: Julia Boorstin, Sr. Media & Entertainment Correspondent, CNBC


Interview: Hyperloop & The Age of The Moonshot

Shervin Pishevar, Co-Founder & Managing Director; Founder & Executive Chairman, Sherpa Capital; Hyperloop One

Interviewer: Cadie Thompson, Sr. Editor, Business Insider


Business Insider’s flagship annual conference

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