A component teardown shows the Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition is just a Note 7 with a smaller battery

Note 7 melted
A burnt out Note 7. Baidu/Mr. Ni66666

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is back — mostly.

Samsung took smartphone off the market last year after reports that the devices exploded.

A non-flammable version, the new Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition, went on sale today, but Samsung’s never explained which parts would be different.

A closer inspection by the teardown specialists at iFixit (which we saw via The Verge) found that, save for the battery, Samsung’s new Galaxy Note Fan Edition is virtually identical to the Note 7.

According to iFixit, the components inside are essentially the same as the old model. “Beyond batteries, we’ve got exactly the same phone: no evidence of the rumoured processor bumps, and no surprises,” iFixit’s report says.

The only difference, as expected, is the battery, which Samsung bumped down to 3200mAh, from the original 3500mAh unit. The new one is not only smaller, but also lower in capacity, clocking in at 12.32 Wh compared to the original Note 7’s 13.48 Wh.

Note FE + Note 7 batteries
The 3200mAh Galaxy Note Fan Edition battery on the left and the original Note 7’s unit (3500mAh) on the right. iFixit

The Galaxy Note Fan Edition can only be purchased in Korea. Samsung said that other markets will be “decided later”. The next-generation Galaxy Note will reportedly be announced some time next month.