Here's Your Up-Close Look At What's Inside A Pebble Smartwatch

ifixit pebble teardown

Photo: iFixIt

True to form, iFixIt has dismantled the Pebble smartwatch.Here’s what the beloved Kickstarter project looks like when you break it open on purpose.

Here it is, beautifully assembled. Let's crack it open.

The watch presents an interesting challenge to dismantle because there aren't even any screws to undo.

The only thing to do is to pry the top open.

Here's an up-close look at the exposed e-ink display.

Under that? Not much, it turns out.

All the components are housed in a plastic capsule.

This ribbon cable is what receives your button pushes.

Removing the backlight...

32 MB of storage is outlined in red, a 120 mHz processor in orange, and an accelerometer in yellow.

Here is an RF module outlined in red.

Even the buttons can be removed.

Here's the whole thing stripped down to its components.

Want to explore an idea for a device that isn't even out yet?

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