Here's How To Get A Free IFixIt 'Liberation Kit' For Opening Up Your IPhone

IFixIt iPhone 5S teardowniFixItThe ‘pentalobe’ screws that make it hard to open your iPhone

Apple doesn’t want you taking apart your iPhone, but the iFixIt team sure does.

Popular for their gadget “teardowns,” iFixIt firmly believes in letting consumers delve under the hood of their devices for do-it-yourself fixes, regardless of what the warranty says.

So in the spirit of Independence Day, iFixIt is giving away 15,000 “Liberation Kits.”

Apple deliberately makes its iPhones nearly impossible to open up without the proper tools, and iFixIt wants to change that, giving consumers the ability to clean out water damage or replace a depleted battery.

The Liberation Kits will allow iPhone users to swap out the unique and tough-to-open screws at the bottom of your iPhone, called “pentalobe” screws, in exchange for the far easier to unscrew Phillips versions.

Since the average person has a Phillips screwdriver laying around, iFixIt is betting that swapping out the screws will remove some of the fear from opening up your iPhone.

Those interested in grabbing a free kit should be aware that opening up your iPhone will void your warranty with Apple. For the average smartphone user, iFixIt’s kits may be a jump into unknown territory that’s just not worth taking, especially if you’ve already paid for Apple Care.

For experienced do-it-yourself enthusiasts that don’t mind the challenge, you can sign up for a Liberation Kit here.

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