If You're Young And Unemployed, You Can Be An 'Unemployee Of The Year'

United colours of Benetton has always been known for their politically-conscious ads. 

In its recent ad, the company — for the first time — will be taking a step toward trying to solve the problem, not just making others aware of it. 

The campaign is called “Unemployee of the Year” and — “devoted to the problem of youth unemployment” — the Italian apparel company is requesting all unemployed people from the ages of 18 to 30 to submit project ideas they have that will benefit the community. 

The 100 winning projects will receive around $6,500 each, or about $650,000 in total. 

The campaign is meant to counter the belief that young people are “lazy” or being “anarchists,” Alessandro Benetton, chairman of the Benetton Group told Stuart Elliot at The New York Times.

The contest will run from Sept 18 through Oct. 14.

Here’s the ad below:

United of Benetton

Photo: United of Benetton

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