If you're thinking of leaving Australia, here's what your life will be like in another country

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If you had been born in another country, what would your life have been like?

That’s the question asked by California-based developer Jason Horsley on his website MyLifeElsewhere, which gives users the tools to instantly compare countries across a range of lifestyle statistics.

“I’m a huge fan of travelling,” Horsley told Business Insider. “I thought that this kind of information could be both fun and useful to other travelers like myself.”

Data for the site was drawn from the CIA’s World Factbook, which is in itself a fascinating resource. Horsley said the information was up to date as of 2014.

He said after sifting through the data and building the site, his ideal choice of anywhere in the world to live would be “tropical”.

“Likely an island somewhere in the Caribbean,” he said.

If you’re thinking of leaving Australia for China, for instance, here’s a few things to consider:

You’ll come out worse in the UK, but at least you’ll consume a lot less electricity. (And the beer’s better):

Picture: Jason Horsley/MyLifeElsewhere.com

There’s virtually no reason to leave for New Zealand:

Picture: Jason Horsley/MyLifeElsewhere.com

Employment’s good in China, but the money’s rubbish:

Picture: Jason Horsley/MyLifeElsewhere.com

Whereas you’ll cash in in the US, but not live as long to spend it:

Picture: Jason Horsley/MyLifeElsewhere.com

There’s clearly a reason why it’s so easy to land a job in the UAE:

Picture: Jason Horsley/MyLifeElsewhere.com

But if you simply can’t stand our sunshine, endless miles of incredible beaches, dominant sports teams, breathtaking landscapes, cash and mouthwatering multicultural cuisine options, you might try… Switzerland:

Picture: Jason Horsley/MyLifeElsewhere.com

Which, according to MyLifeElsewhere’s handy geographical comparison tool, squeezes about eight million people into half of Tasmania:

Picture: Jason Horsley/MyLifeElsewhere.com

Check it out and compare your options.

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