If You're An Educated Young Woman, This Study Says You Love Alcoholic Cider

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Health authorities say there’s been a surge in the popularity, especially among women, of alcoholic cider.

And the women say it’s because cider is a great party starter, it tastes good and is less bloating than beer.

A VicHealth survey of 6,000 people showed one in five identified cider as their drink of choice.

The survey data was released to highlight the fact that Australia Day, January 26, is the worst day of the year for assaults and drunkenness for people aged under 25.

VicHealth says cider is the fastest growing category of alcohol in Australia, with sales expanding 30 per cent in 2011 and for some brands, up to 300 per cent in 2012.

The survey shows the typical cider drinker is a university-educated young woman, who drinks more than her non-cider drinking peers.

The majority (80 per cent) of cider drinkers aged under 30 drank five or more standard drinks in a single sitting at least once a year, compared to 67 per cent of non-cider drinkers in the same age group.

One in three (32 per cent) regular cider drinkers had consumed more than 11 standard drinks in a single sitting the previous year, compared to one in four (24 per cent) non-cider drinkers.

Regular cider drinkers are also more likely to drink at a greater number and range of social events.

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