If You're After A Partner Who Likes Drugs, Here Are The Australian Cities For A Perfect Match

Adelaide, where personal possession of marijuana is decriminalised, is one of the top Australian cities for self-reported drug use according to a dating website. Photo: Getty/ Justin Sullivan

If you’re looking for a lover to share a joint with, head to Darwin, Adelaide, Geelong or Perth according to online dating website AYI.com.

Sifting through responses from almost 19,000 profiles, in which potential mates self-reported their drug use, Darwin emerged on top with 13% of people saying they sometimes or often use drugs, nearly double the Hobart figure of 6.6%, the lowest of the cities.

AYI.com members can leave the field blank in their profiles, so the data relates only to those who chose to disclose their drug habits, rather than giving a complete picture on each city’s underbelly, but at least you have an idea of your chances when it comes to a soulmate with the munchies.

Adelaide came in second for self-reported drug use with 12.5% in front of Geelong on 11.5% and Perth’s 10.5%. After Hobart at 6.6%, the most abstemious places were Newcastle with 7.5%, Melbourne on 8.3% and Cairns with 9%, while Brisbane at 9.5%, Canberra, 9.7% and Mackay and Gold Coast on 10% seemed to be average.

Darwin and Adelaide’s openness about drug use may have something to do with the territory and state both having decriminalised the personal possession of marijuana, with users copping fines, rather than criminal charges.

And either they’re very honest in Bunbury, WA, or it’s boring and full of dealers, because the town tops the under 100,000 residents list with 28% of males and 19% of females saying they are users.

But the figures suggest not everyone is fessing up. National drug use figures suggest 17% of men and 12.3% of women have used illicit substances in the past 12 months.

Meanwhile, the 2012 United Nations World Drug Report found that Australia leads the world in marijuana usage per capita, but comparing official data with AYI.com’s international figures suggest Australians are more honest than their UK and US counterparts when it comes to self-reported drug use.

And what you do for a living is likely to affect what you’ll admit to.
Artists and construction workers are more than twice as likely to admit drug use than the average, while teachers are 40% less likely to admit it.

Not surprisingly, artists and creative people top the list when it comes to owning up at 16.4%, ahead of labour and construction workers on 13.5%. Hospitality staff come in third on 10%.

Surprisingly, 7.9% of lawyers confess they’ve enjoying a few Cleaver Greene moments, while the upstanding members of the community who are the lowest users are to be expected: doctors 4.7%, politicians/military personal and business execs 4.9% (perhaps those random drug tests are working), with teachers on 5.3%, although age does play a part, because the figures rise dramatically among those under 40: doctors 8%, politicians/military 9%, teachers 7%, business execs 8.5%.

For artists and construction workers, it hits one-in-five – 20%.

But younger lawyers are more cautious – perhaps hoping to make the Bench one day – with the figure for those under 40 dropping to 6.1%.

As expected the older you get, the less likely you are to roll a joint, with AYI.com’s figures as follows aged 20s – 13.4%; 30s – 12.4% 40s – 7.8%; and 50s – 4.7%.

For comparison, official national figures have males in their 20s at 30% and females at 24.3%.

While Canberra tops the list for female drug users at 16%, men in the national capital seem the least likely of major cities to report drug usage, with figures of just 5%.

Adelaide and Townsville top the list for male users at 13%.

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