If you're 14 years old and live in France, you can now drive this adorable little car

Renault Twizy 45RenaultCute! Safe!

What a drag it used to be to live in France and not yet be 16.

You couldn’t drive vehicles such as the “light quadricycle” pictured at right.

But now you can! And Renault is there to provide you with zippy, adorable transport. From the automaker:

The European Union recently introduced a new directive providing for the harmonization of driving licenses. As part of the new directive, France has adapted its regulation concerning light quadricycles.

Under the new legislation, 14-year-olds … are authorised to drive light motorised quadricycles, previously reserved for individuals aged 16 and over.

The Twizy has been sold in France since 2010. Priced at about $US7,600, it’s marketed as a versatile urban electric vehicle that’s substantially safer than two-wheeled transportation

Renault describes the Twizy as “a real upstart in the world of motorised quadricycles,” saying that it “stands as an alternative to scooters with levels of safety and comfort superior to those offered by two-wheelers.”

According to the car maker, the Twizy “is fit as standard with an airbag, double seatbelts, disc brakes and a protective cell.”

15,000 Twizy have been sold, Renault reported.

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